We have Online Catechism Classes for members of the parish, for those who would like to join (catechumens), and for anyone who would like to learn more about our Faith.  The Catechism we use is titled Light for Life (God With Us Publications, 1994) and comes in three volumes; 1. The Mystery Believed, 2. The Mystery Celebrated, 3. The Mystery Lived. It is availabe on the book table in the parish hall for free to anyone enrolled as a catechumen.  The set is also available for purchase online at To participate in the class, simply click on the following link and follow the prompts.  Be sure to log on early, especially your first time, to allow for any possible technical difficulties you might encounter.
The most recent series of classes are recorded below.  Ask us to put you on our email list to learn about the next series!
Melkite Catholic Church comes from the Church of Antioch and is the Orthodox Antiochian (Antiochean) Church

Catechism Class 2017